Alcohol Treatment: Relapse Prevention

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As a recovering addict, part of the process is preventing relapse. After all the hard work and dedication to get your sobriety back, sometimes you need to focus and try hard not to relapse. But as an addict, relapse, is part of the recovering process. It can happen, and it comes, unfortunately with the territory of being an addict. But prevention or having a plan to help you during those difficult times can greatly improve your chances of avoiding a relapse. But if it happens, do not beat yourself up. Just create a better plan.

How does a prevention plan work?

A relapse prevention plan basically works based on knowing your triggers. It is a step by step guide to help you, and it is by you. With every trigger, you have a plan of action for you to use to overcome the trigger and stay sober. So, like any other plan, it will need to be changed and revised as life changes and time goes on. No plan is perfect, as you will need to revise it from time to time as something you had planned may not have worked but at the moment, you found another way, a better way.

Creating a prevention plan for yourself

A great way to help ensure your success at preventing a relapse is to create a prevention plan. You can do this plan alone, but you need to know all of your triggers. The best way to ensure that you have done a good job and something to consider is to have a professional look at it. The best professional to consider looking over your plan or to ask help to create this plan, would be the professional you spoke with who helped you identify why you were an addict and how you came to be an addict. They may not be a professional at building these plans, but they knew how to identify your mental triggers, which lead to your physical trigger, doing the actual deed of the addiction.

Knowing your plan

The most important part of having and building a relapse prevention plan is to know your plan. Knowing your strategy is only half the battle to put the plan into action when things get hard, and you begin to crave your addiction. Remembering that plan will help you react in a reasonable time, and accordingly giving you a better chance of preventing the relapse.

If a relapse does occur, always remember, that it happens. Revise your plan to better your chances of being successful in preventing a relapse. Relapse comes with the territory of being a recovering addict, so focus on improvement, not your downfall.

Arthur Bessie

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