Considering Hyaluronic Acid Fillers For Wrinkles? Check These Aspects!

Considering Hyaluronic Acid Fillers For Wrinkles? Check These Aspects!

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Aging is inevitable. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and the signs like wrinkles, smile lines and crow’s feel become more evident. Hyaluronic acid fillers are a type of derma fillers, which are used to plump up skin on the face. For the uninitiated, hyaluronic acid is also found naturally in the body in the skin and connective tissues. If you check for acides hyaluroniques, you will come across a lot of brand names, such as Juvederm, Captique and Hylaform. Now before you consider hyaluronic acid injections, there are a few aspects to consider.

Should you consider hyaluronic acid injections?

If you have wrinkles, lines and folds on your face, you can consider hyaluronic acid fillers. Most of the fillers work in a similar manner, but some are not approved for use in some parts of the world. Talk to your doctor to know the kind of hyaluronic acid he is using. Typically, hyaluronic acid injections are used for treating the lines between the eyebrows, smile lines, crow’s feet, and also to plump up the lips and cheeks. Anyone who is over 30 years of age can consider hyaluronic acid injections. Compared to other fillers such as collagen, there are no unwanted side effects related to hyaluronic acid fillers.

Getting the procedure done

There are no complications involved in getting in hyaluronic acid injections. The treatment can be done in an hour or less. Some of the available formulations do include a local anesthetic agent, while in other cases, doctors may use additional anesthetic products on the targeted area. The amount of hyaluronic acid filler used depends on the change expected, the depth of the concerned wrinkle, and other relevant aspects. The skin is usually massaged after the injection is given to get better results. There is no downtime involved. As for the side effects, there aren’t many, except for minor redness and tenderness at the injection site. Usually, there is no allergic issues with hyaluronic acid injections.

If you have been considering hyaluronic acid injections, talk to your doctor. At times, other derma fillers might be considered as a better choice, and your doctor may also consider Botox. Keep the costs and other aspects in mind too. As for the results, benefits of hyaluronic acid injections can last for a couple of months or more, depending on the kind of filler used. Check for options now!

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