Follow the Doctors Instructions Post your Botox Procedure for Better Results

Follow the Doctors Instructions Post your Botox Procedure for Better Results

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Botox can be used for reducing wrinkles, frown lines or for face upliftment. When your botox procedure is complete, you need to follow certain dos and don’ts for faster and quicker results.

Following the Doctors Advice

The results from Botox are not permanent. You need to go in for frequent visits for the maintenance of your botox. Your body might show some signs of redness bruising or swelling after the procedure. This will reduce with proper care and rest.

Secondly, you need to follow the advice of your doctor to every minute detail. Your doctor knows what is best for you and how necessary precautions can help speed up the recovery process. Ensure that you go in for licensed and professional clinics for your botox procedure.

If you plan to do the botox treatment in Quebec, then look for clinics that specialize in botox cosmetique and book an appointment with them. When you meet your doctor, ensure that you get all your doubts clarified with them. If you are onto any medications or undergoing laser treatment, then ensure that you discuss Botox option with your doctor.

Aftercare after Botox

You might need to go in for regular follow ups with your doctors after your botox procedure. Your doctor will check for any signs of infections and in some cases might even prescribe antibiotics if they suspect any infection.

You too at home can make sure that you follow the below tips to ensure that body heals after the botox treatment:

  • Ensure that you do not scrub or massage the Botox area as it can spread to other areas
  • Avoid exercise that can cause you to stretch
  • Avoid indulging in any strenuous activities
  • Sleep in a particular position or as advised by your doctor
  • Avoid alcohol or string painkillers
  • Stay away from sauna or any other place that subjects your body to heat
  • Avoid using facial peels

The botox procedure hurts a bit. It is similar to a needle pricking your body. Your doctor might prescribe you some painkillers to provide some relief. If you have undergone botox for your face, then you might experience stiffness in your facial muscles.

You can begin with some light facial exercises few days after your botox. Stand in front of the mirror and try smiling, frowning and grinning.


Botox treatment is a huge investment so it should not be taken lightly. The results from botox are slow and gradual and might start showing results after a week or so.

Arthur Bessie

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