How to Increase Your Metabolic Rate – Reduced Fat and Look Good

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First of all, many of the popular and successful ways to lose fat are summarized in the accompanying infographic.

Moreover, as you work to reduce fat and weight, hormonal changes occur because of the weight loss. And these hormonal changes make it harder to keep the weight off. As a result, you have to put in more effort to avoid gaining that weight back again. So think about losing fat as a continuous effort to looking good and staying healthy.

And, one of the ways to lose fat is through strength training. Moreover, strength training helps build muscles while increasing your resting metabolic rate.

For example, while one pound of fat cells uses about 2 calories per day, one pound of lean muscle at rest uses 6 calories per day. Furthermore, to gain 5 new pounds of lean muscles takes an average of 3 to 4 months of strength training. So over a year you could gain about 20 pounds of lean muscle. And these 20 pounds of lean muscles would consume 120 calories in a day.

Also, strength training is good for you because the muscles protect you from injury, makes your bones denser and you look good. Most of all, strength training improves the overall shape of your physique.

In addition, combining moderate aerobic exercises with strength training helps you keep the fat off that you do lose. Furthermore, aerobic workouts strengthen bones and muscles.

First of all, aerobic exercise increases your metabolic rate and burns calories. Secondly, high intensity aerobics that causes you to sweat results in your metabolic rate staying high for an extended period of time. So, you will continue to burn calories even after you stop exercising. Furthermore, aerobic exercise maintains lean muscle mass.

Most of all, it’s important to never starve yourself to lose weight. Because eating too few calories causes your body’s chemistry to slow down. And this makes it even more difficult to lose pounds in the future.

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