How To Make Subtle Changes With Cosmetic Procedures

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One of the fears that many patients have before coming in is that they will end up looking plastic or fake after having a procedure done. While they may want to look better, they do not want to end up unrecognizable after having procedures done.

This fear is a reasonable one. After all, there are many examples of celebrities and even regular people who become addicted to plastic surgery and have too many procedures done. The result is a frozen faced look or overly large implants that do not look natural. With proper planning and the help of an experienced doctor, you can improve the way you look without having to worry about looking unnatural.

How Have Celebrity Inspirations for Plastic Surgery Changed?

In the 1990’s, celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Cher made extreme plastic surgery popular, but the current trend is to make subtle changes that complement your individual features and frame to improve what you already have. The before and after photos you take shouldn’t look like they are of a completely different person. Instead, a surgeon will work with you to understand the trouble spots that you need help with and target those areas that are hard for you to change on your own.

Recent polls of plastic surgeons show that popular celebrity inspirations for procedures include Princess Kate Middleton’s symmetrical nose, Miley Cyrus’ facial features and Jennifer Aniston’s breast size and shape. These are representative of the more natural look that is popular with women of all ages.

Of course, the Kardashians have inspired women to want more voluptuous curves and bigger booties. But even these procedures can be done in a subtle way to give proportionate improvements to a woman’s figure. Lifting the butt instead of placing an implant is a great way to get a better figure without overdoing it or looking bottom heavy. For example, the Brazilian butt lift is done by extracting fat from other areas of the body and injecting it into the butt area to add volume and shape. This means there is a limited increase in size depending on how much fat is taken from other areas.

Best Cosmetic Procedures for Natural Improvements 

When you first begin making changes to your appearance, you might want to begin with small, simple procedures to see how you like the effect before doing anything larger. Some of the best procedures to try if you want to make a small, natural looking improvement include:

  • Botox injections to smooth out wrinkles in key areas
  • Liposuction in key areas
  • Thigh lift to improve how clothing fits and looks
  • Chin lift to remove double chin or extra fat in the bottom of the facial area
  • Eyelid surgery to give the face a subtle lift

To find out more about how you can make subtle changes to your body with the help of cosmetic procedures, contact a skilled plastic surgeon in your area.

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