Stay Away From Chewing Tobacco With These Easy Tips!

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Contrary to what many people believe, chewing tobacco is no way safer than smoking. It contains nicotine and known carcinogens – both being dangerous to the body in more ways than one. Smokeless tobacco products have just one advantage – Non-users are not exposed to secondhand smoke. The dangerous effects of chewing tobacco include increased risk of certain cancers including oral cancer, stomach cancer, and esophageal cancer, besides risks of teeth and gum problems, leukoplakia, abrasion of teeth and tooth loss. If you are trying to quit chewing tobacco, we have a few tips below that may come in handy.

Fix a date

You might have been contemplating the idea, but fix a date and set a reminder on your phone. This is the best way to kickstart your journey, and if you fail after a couple of days, fret not and try again. Keep in mind that any addiction doesn’t happen in a day, so it’s completely okay to take some time to wean off of nicotine.

Consider herbal chews

A bunch of herbal chews are now available in the market that promise to help chewing tobacco users.  Basically, these are formulated with herbs with smaller amounts of nicotine and can be used as a replacement for tobacco. The best herbal chews have variants, so if you start with higher dose of nicotine, you can always shift to a lower-dose or a variant that doesn’t contain any nicotine, as well. Not all herbal chews are created equal, so do your homework. There are also varied flavors to try, which can come in handy, because you don’t have to get bored of using the same chew.

Take help

At times, just using replacements of tobacco may not work for some people, so don’t hesitate in talking to your doctor. Physicians may recommend medications in extreme cases, but it is necessary to make some sincere efforts before that. You need to have a supporting environment around, as you look forward to making a big change in your life. Stay away from smoking zones and make sure that you are not with people who are into using tobacco in any form.

If you are considering herbal chews, find products that are low on nicotine content and don’t contain any caffeine. Research well to check what works best for you. It may take a while, but if you have selected a product that imitates the experience of tobacco instead of the taste, the journey wouldn’t be a hard one.

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