The Importance of Phosphatidylserine Brain Supplement

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Out of all the organs in our body, if we would be asked to rank which one plays the most important role, people would undeniably choose brain. And there is a rational reason behind this. Brain is the organ that makes the rest of the body function as it does. Moreover, it is our brain that would let us make “rational decisions”.

With brain being such an important organ of the body, what do we do to make sure we take of it in the best ways? A lot of people are clueless as to what’s good for the brain. A handful of almonds won’t suffice. This is why a whole new category of supplements is gaining a lot of popularity. We call them smart drugs or nootropics. Phosphatidylserine (PS) is one of these smart drugs that help our brain do its job the right way. Here are a few reasons why you should have PS brain supplement.

Regulates nerve cell signals

As we start ageing, our nerve cells gradually lose the ability to transfer signals as quickly as they are supposed to. This, in turn, causes many issues when it comes to performing mental operations. Nerve cell communication plays the most significant role in making it possible for normal cognitive functioning. In fact, even the secretion of the needed neurotransmitters has to be sensed by the brain as a message. This also happens with the help of the communication by nerve cells. PS brain supplement helps by regulating the nerve cell signals. This helps in making sure that the mental functions don’t degrade as we age.

Helps in optimal functioning of the brain

There are main functions of the brain without which we would not be able to function well on a day to day basis. Those are- learning, focusing, and retaining memory. Learning is how we evolve in life. For every single task that we perform, we need some level of focus that would help us attend to the stimulus. And without being able to retain memory, there is pretty much no way we would be able to carry out our daily tasks. PS brain supplement helps us perform these three brain functions by enhancing nerve cell communication. Also, it helps the cells and tissues around the hippocampus keep in a healthy shape. Hippocampus helps in storing short-term memories and converting them into long-term memory when needed. This would help in preventing age-related mental problems, like dementia.

Takes care of our mental health

Besides all the mental functions that it helps the brain in performing, it also takes care of our mental health. We all know what stress is, and we all know what the consequences of stress can be. Just as important as it is to ensure our brain is in good health, even stress plays an important role in deciding whether we’d be able to perform mental functions effectively or not. Stress has both external and internal cause. Internally, stress can be caused due to the free radicals in the brain. Also, high amounts of stress-related hormones in the brain can cause the hippocampus to shrink in size which is not good news. PS brain supplement helps in inhibiting high secretion of these stress hormones.

Chemical balance in the brain is really important for us to be in the right emotional state. PS brain supplement helps in achieving that chemical balance, which promotes the healthy emotional state. There are two kinds of neurotransmitters- excitatory and inhibitory. While excitatory neurotransmitters cause us to be excited, inhibitory neurotransmitters bring about relaxation. A balance in the secretion of these two kinds of neurotransmitters is crucial. In case excitatory neurotransmitters take over, we’d be jittery, and in case inhibitory neurotransmitters take over, we’d be depressed and low.

All we need to do to make sure our brain functions the right way is to give the brain what it needs. With so many benefits that PS brain supplement has to offer, you should give it a thought and add it to your daily regime for a better functioning brain.

Arthur Bessie

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