The Significance of the FUT+FUE Hair Transplant

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The combined technique of hair transplant procedure involves both the extraction method for obtaining the hair roots in order to implant them into the receiving bald areas of the scalp. The hair transplant in Delhi is now offering the inaugural discount to the potential patients to cater to both the national and foreign countries’ patients. The combined technique of the hair transplant procedure getting popular due to the mega number of hair root’s result and an efficient way to fulfil the desired high-density needs and also provides the highest number of grafts to cover the biggest grade of baldness. It is imperative for the hair loss patients visiting the hair transplant clinic and gets the initial consultation to know every aspect related to procedure taken in a particular state of baldness and the condition.

What is the FUT+FUE Hair Transplant?

When the quality of the hair transplant meets variant to enhance the effect of the procedure, it is known as the combined technique of the hair transplant procedure. It is the dual method of the hair restoration that involves both the extraction method to obtain the hair grafts. Usually, it is performed when a patient doesn’t possess a good donor supply means the respective patient doesn’t have the feasible amount of safe donor graft or it is thin or affected, the combined technique can be performed to fulfil the hair graft’s need in the procedure. But, it is also performed especially to receive a mega number of grafts to solve the highest grade of NW-baldness. The patient must have eligibility to receive the combined technique and one can get the best benefits of the procedure by getting the needed number of live hair grafts for the hair implantation. This is also termed as the Mega/Giga session allows a surgeon to get the highest number of hair roots for the procedure.

The Top Significance of the combined technique in the Hair Transplant Procedure is described below:

  1. It Gives the Highest number of Hair Roots: The combined method of the hair root extraction can give you a mega number of grafts/hair follicles to solve the pattern baldness affected with the highest grade of NW-baldness. Usually, the FUT+FUE technique is applied to the case where the need is great and the donor area is not sufficient to allow the desired number of grafts. However, the combined technique is performed to meet the aesthetic expectation in the procedure. It is commonly known as the Mega/Giga session allows the possibility of extracting more 3500 hair grafts in the hair transplant procedure.
  2. It solves the High-density Need: The combined technique can easily fulfil the need for a high-density hair transplant as it facilitates the option of getting the desired number of hair roots with the added benefits of the single session. The high-density hair transplant performed by extracting the grafts, both from the FUT as well as the FUE method.
  3. It is the Best when Patient has a Poor safe Donor Supply: When a patient has a poor safe donor supply means they don’t have the good amount of grafts or it is very thin to provide the feasible number of grafts, the surgeon may apply the combined technique to restore the respective balding areas of the scalp. It is good to opt for the combined technique to get the mega number of roots in a single session.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is the best cosmetic option to solve the hair loss problem occurred due to the genetic or the conditional factors such as burnt, accidental or stress-caused hair loss. The only thing is pertinent to get the prior consultation to define the status of loss and the feasible method to overcome the issue effectively and permanently.

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