Waist Trainers 101: Buying One, Effectiveness and More!

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In recent years, celebs like Kim Kardashian have talked about waist trainers, which certainly has heated up the topic. Body shapers are nothing new – Centuries back, women were used to steel corsets, which were often so tight that one would struggle to breathe. Today, corsets have been redefined as waist trainers, and these are much more comfortable and certainly perfect for the purpose these are meant for. In this post, we will talk about waist training and how you can buy one of these products.

What is waist training?

Traditionally speaking, waist trainers were extensively used for getting the perfect hourglass shape, and mostly, it was all about using corsets. The corset would be tightened further from day one, so that the circumference of the waist can be reduced. Does waist training work? Yes, it does, but the results are semi-permanent. Most women need to use the shaper or corset even after they have achieved the figure they wanted.

Should you buy one?

It depends on the fitness goals, but there is no denying that waist trainers do work. These help in creating heat, which helps in burning fat faster. Most of the latex trainers are extremely effective in giving the squeeze that’s required to trim the waistline. However, it should be noted that body shapers and waist trainers cannot help in weight loss, unless you are focused on other two aspects – diet and exercise. The modern shapers are easy to wear, so you can wear them during workouts to burn more calories. With that said, exercise is important, and none of the celebs you know would look like that if they didn’t sweat it out at the gym. If you don’t like machines, go for walking, running, kickboxing or any physical activity that keeps you active and burns fat.

How to buy one?

There are many options, but below are some of the aspects you should be looking for.

  • Size. The size is dependent on the product, your waist size and height. You will find easy charts online, which can help in selection. Regular waist trimmers are just meant for the waist and abdominal area, while body shapers can extend to the thighs, as well. It is best to buy from a brand or online store that allows exchange and return.
  • Price. The price is an obvious factor to consider, but don’t expect to pay more than $100 for the best ones. Online stores may have a few discounts that you can check.

  • Purpose. Some of the waist trainers are meant to be worn all day along, while others are best suited for workouts. Check the options and find one that meets your needs.

Finally, do consider the brand. You wouldn’t want to replace the product anytime soon, so make sure that it lasts for a while.

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