What To Know About Primobolan Steroid Supplement

What To Know About Primobolan Steroid Supplement

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When someone suggests you about using primobolan injections, you will surely require extra convincing for starting primobolan steroid cycle. Even before starting primobolan injection dosage, you should first understand how exactly it will benefit your body.

Primobolan is actually a type of anabolic androgenic steroid and is known by two different names primobolan enanthate or methenolone enanthate and methenolone acetate. Methanolone enanthate is actually an oral form of the supplement and are available in different forms such as pills, capsules, etc.

Oral vs. Injection Forms of Primobolan

When you look at the structural formula and chemical structure of primobolan oral and injection forms, you will notice that there is an attachment of esters in the oral form of the supplement. Bodybuilders will also look at the right steroid supplement that can help them in achieving the expected results.

The ratio of anabolic and androgenic properties in primobolan is 88:50. When you follow the suggested dosage, then you will experience same results from both the injection and oral forms of the supplement. The effects of the injection form of primobolan supplement are comparatively faster than the oral supplements, and hence the users prefer injection form than oral forms.

Working Principle of Primobolan

Primobolan is the steroid supplement that is usually used for the cutting cycle by the bodybuilders and athletes. There are actually multiple manufacturers of the steroid supplement, and hence you may find different packages of the steroid supplement in the market today.

Primobolan is actually not in great demand today, as it is one of the decades old steroid supplements and has been replaced from many newly manufactured steroid supplements. The stability and consistency of primobolan is actually quite low key when compared to the newly introduced steroid supplements, and hence has been replaced by newly introduced steroid supplements.

Suggested Dosage of Primobolan Supplement

If you look at the medical use of Promobolan injections, then you will notice that the suggested dosage of the supplement is about 5mg to 25mg. These are actually the only two options that primobolan supplement is available in, and you can easily take the right dosage by taking one or two pills or injections per week.

Primobolan is also used in cutting cycle, as it helps users to maintain lean muscular mass during their in-between period of steroid cycle. When taken at right dosages, the supplement will not cause any side effects on the body of the users, and hence the bodybuilders always prefer this supplement for cutting cycle.

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