Why Men ARE Balding Before They Hit 40

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Visible hair loss can sometimes start in your teenage years, but what may really surprise you is that a massive 55% of men before they hit 40 years of age will have noticeable signs of hair loss or male pattern baldness. So is it you or the guy sitting next to you? Most men don’t really know just how noticeable their hair loss is because its often in the crown area which is hard to see when they’re looking at themselves in the mirror. Below are the top reasons why men start to experience thinning hair at an early age and how they can be treated.

Androgenetic Alopecia

You guessed it; genetics is by far the most common cause of hair loss and male pattern baldness. Roughly 90% of men who experience hair loss have changing levels of androgens. The hormones involved in androgenetic alopecia are called androgens, the most well-known androgen being testosterone. Increased levels of androgen shorten the growth phase of hair and delay the start of new hair growth. With androgenetic alopecia, hair loss develops in a very specific pattern that can start at any time after puberty, and it can become progressively more visible as you age.


Besides pulling your hair out from frustration, stress can be a significant contributor to hair loss. It can be hard to pinpoint the event though as hair loss due to stress is typically seen months after the heightened stress levels started. However, the good news is that once the stress levels return to normal, hair growth usually resumes as it should.

Poor Diet

A diet with too much pizza and beer and not enough of the green stuff and quality protein is not going to help you keep your hair. Essential vitamins and nutrients are needed for optimal follicle growth. And don’t just think taking a multivitamin is the answer, nothing beats eating the real thing.


We all know about the carcinogenic effects of smoking, so if you want to keep your health and your hair, ditch the cigarettes.

Infections or Diseases

Fever, anaemia, skin infections or trauma to the skin can all contribute to hair loss. Many people see their hair growth return to normal following the event and their return to good health.

How Do I Know What’s Causing My Hair Loss?

The only way to know exactly what is causing your loss of hair is to consult hair restoration professionals like the hair loss experts at Medici Capelli. So many people waste their time and money on a product or “solution” that is useless for what is actually causing their hair loss.

A correct diagnosis is vital to determine if you would benefit from one of the many treatment options available. Treatment options for reversible triggers include improving your diet, general health and reducing your stress levels. Treatment options for alopecia include Growth Factor Therapy featuring Factor4 and hair transplant treatment.

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