Yoga poses for lower back pain

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Lower back pain can quickly escalate and cause mobility issues. We recommend yoga for lower back pain.

If you are reading this article, then chances are that you suffer from lower back pain. You might not want to try long term medication, so you are on the lookout for alternate remedies. How about trying yoga for lower back pain?

What causes lower back pain?

There may be many causes for back pain. However, the most common causes for lower back pain are a poor posture, a weak core, or a sedentary lifestyle where you sit for extended periods in the day. There are ways to deal with the pain, and you can certainly find a few fixes with yoga for lower back pain.

Try the following asanas (poses) in yoga for lower back pain problems:

* Child’s pose: Sit on the floor with your legs tucked under your body. Keep your knees hip-length apart and lower your torso over your thighs slowly. Extend your arms straight ahead and rest your forehead on the floor, slightly lengthening the spine. Hold the pose for one minute, then release the body slowly. Repeat twice more.

* Downward facing dog:Place your palms and feet on the floor. Your palms should be shoulder-width apart and your feet should be hip-width apart. Now raise your buttocks towards the sky slowly, keeping the arms and legs straight. Let the hamstrings be lightly stretched, and keep your eyes on your belly button. Hold the pose for one minute, then release and repeat twice more.

* Standing forward bend: This pose lengthens the spine and stretches the lower back to alleviate pain. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and bend your torso forward to touch the ground with your hands. Do not tighten the hamstrings nor force yourself to touch the floor if your back and legs are not flexible enough. Keep your knees slightly bent, and hold the pose for a minute. Repeat four more times.

* The Sphinx: This yoga pose for lower back pain mimics the stance of The Sphinx in Egypt. Lie down on the floor on your belly, keeping your feet hip width apart. Put your elbows in line with your shoulders and raise your upper body while supporting it on your elbows. Look as far behind as you can without causing pain in the back. This pose offers a natural curvature to the spine and engages the ab muscles, which ease the lower back pain.

* Lying down slow rock. This yoga pose for lower back pain is sure to relax your back – and take you back to your childhood! Lie down on the floor and pull your knees up towards your abs. Hold your knees against your belly by locking your hands around them. Now slowly rock your body from side to side, not more than 20 degrees to either side. Do this for a minute, then release. This pose gives a body weight massage to the lower back and also gives a gentle stretch to relax the spine.

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