Adaption Energy: How to Thrive Instead of Survive

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Have you ever heard of adaptation energy?

We define it as your ability to handle a demand or a change in expectation.

it’s what allows us to be in flow, to surrender attachment to outcome and accept things as they are.

It’s also the single most important attribute for handing our changing world with success and ease.

But what if you’re out of adaptation energy?

Well, a lot us are. Over the past several years, we’ve been dealing with a nonstop change of expectation. Years of stress, anxiety and overwhelm have likely been taking a toll on your nervous system.

And if you haven’t been refilling your reservoirs every day, it probably feels like you’re running on empty.

As our demands get bigger and the world changes faster and faster, it is imperative that we fill ourselves up with this ultra valuable energy.

Watch below to find out how (and discover if you’re running low…)

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