Calm: A Mind Relaxing And Meditation App

The Way to Meditataion

Calm is a very nice application that integrates many items including guided meditation, breathing, relaxation, reading stories, music as well as different sound effects with the aim of helping users relax and have a good night’s sleep.
Let’s talk a little bit about this Calm app. This app was developed in 2012 by Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew. The appraised $1.5 million from Angel Fund in 2017, and also won Apple’s 2017 “App of the year” award. The application currently has more than 12 million downloads on the app stores.

Start your week off by installing Calm on your device and you’ll see how amazing it can be for you. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, open Calm, choose a time when you want to relax, and start listening to soothing sounds to bring your mind to a calm state. It can be the sound of birdsong, the sound of waves crashing, the sound of running water, or any other natural sound you desire.

What does Calm bring?

Experience peace and serenity from the moment you log in, Calm begins to play relaxing nature sounds including murmuring streams and chirping birds. It offers hundreds of audio files ranging from 2 to 35 minutes long that guide you in different ways of meditating. It also breaks down content to fit the user’s purpose (reducing anxiety, managing stress, improving self-care or boosting self-esteem, etc.).

New to mindfulness and meditation? If so, start with “Daily Calm” (10 minutes of meditation) or you can choose “7 days of calm” in the app. At this point, a female voice will gently guide you through breathing and awareness exercises for 10 minutes before inviting you to come back again the next day.

The Calm app also offers stretching exercises in the morning, relaxation in the evening, and a rich library of relaxing music. Not only that, but it also offers “premium classes” that allow users to spend an hour focusing on important topics, such as The Power of Rest, Mindful Eating, and Breaking One Bad habit. You can train your mind and athletic performance with LeBron James – your coach in the course “Train your mind”.

How does Calm work?

As soon as you open the application, Calm has advised users to “take a deep breath”, breathing is actually very important, if you do sports, yoga, or meditation, you know that breathing is the main factor that helps us. focus, relax as well as achieve better efficiency at work. After entering the main part, we will hear the background music of the software for a very comfortable feeling. You can switch the background music by swiping left or right, there are many different background music, like in the picture I switched from running water to thunder. The volume of the background music can also customize in the settings.

Daily Calm


Each day Calm offers users a different guide to breathing and meditation. These lessons are usually about 10 minutes short and are taught in English but are easy to listen to and easy to practice. You should spend 10 minutes a day exercising in the morning is also very good. If you love the tutorial, just select the heart shape to save. The background music of the tutorial also has its own volume for you to customize accordingly.




This is an area that requires the user’s patience with multi-day listening and practice sequences. You can practice many different topics according to your needs. When completing one exercise, the next will be opened and Calm will track the user’s training progress. Calm also carefully divides up the beginner area with short exercises that only take 1-2 days, there will be exercises that take you nearly a month to complete. If you are stressed at work, this is also an item that I think you should check out.


Sleep story

This section includes stories told by inspirational voices that help listeners fall asleep. If you have a habit of listening to audiobooks at night, this will probably be your favorite. If we like any reading, we also choose the heart or choose to download to store it on our computer to listen to when there is no network.

There are many subsections in this Sleep tab, including the kid’s tab which is a children’s story, and the ASRM tab. Besides, users can search for content by searching by author. The available offline section will be the place to save the things that we have downloaded.





There are many music items as well as sound effects intended to help you fall asleep fastest. Most of my favorite sounds are in the Nature Melodies section. This place synthesizes sounds in nature such as water flowing and rain falling with a carefully recorded sound like real life.






If the meditation exercises make it difficult for you, you can practice simple breathing with this section. Simply inhale, hold, and exhale to the rhythm of the software. It only took me a few minutes to get used to the rhythm.





Master Class


Breaking harmful habits, accepting isolation, conscientious parenting, and discovering happiness are just a few of the themes covered in core seminars. Each Masterclass includes a free opening video, but the full courses are only available to premium customers.



What is the price of Calm?

Calm offers a free 7-day trial. The software costs $14.99 per month or $69.99 per year after that. Headspace also provides a 7-day free trial and monthly or annual subscriptions for $12.99 or $69.99.

The app is free to download, but most features won’t be accessible until you set up a free trial. This seven-day test run includes unguided sessions, a few guided sessions, and tracking features.


Headspace is a meditation and wellness app for a wide range of audiences from beginners to intermediates. It can be said that Calm is aimed at a more professional user group with advanced content and focuses on mental health care.

It is also one of the top apps for meditation and sleep. Helps people experience stress and anxiety reduction. Also guided meditations to help you sleep a lot better.

Guided Meditation

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