How To Launch A Workplace Meditation Program

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How To Launch A Workplace Meditation Program


We here at The Daily Meditation are experts in delivering workplace meditation programs. And our unique approach to corporate meditation could very well be the solution to one of society’s biggest problems: Stress at work.

It’s a well known fact that stress is one of the top five killers, and workplace stress is the most common form of stress. Thankfully, there is a solution: workplace meditation programs. 

A corporate meditation program can reduce stress at work while simultaneously improving productivity. No wonder companies like Apple, Procter & Gamble, and Google have all launched mindfulness programs for employees.

Many companies, however, struggle to

incorporate meditation programs in an effective and sustainable way. So let me show you how to do precisely that.

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How To Implement A Workplace Meditation Program – 5 Steps 

1) Start with the motivation

There’s a very good chance that you yourself are not the sole individual who could greenlight a meditation program for your company. You are probably going to have to get other people onboard first. And some of those people will not be as enthusiastic about meditation as you are. That means that you have to convince them.

To convince others about a workplace meditation program, you need to focus on things the whole company cares about. 

Write a list of your company’s priorities. For instance, reducing stress, reducing employee turnover, reducing sick days, and increasing productivity. Now consider how a corporate meditation program would help with all those things. Present that information to the decision makers. (You might find this list of the benefits of meditation helpful).

2) Make key decisions

At some point you will need to make key decisions about the program. Some questions to ask are:

  • Who will be ultimately responsible for the program?
  • How much of the budget will you allocate to the program?
  • How much time per week / month can you dedicate to the program, bearing in mind that employees will need to temporarily pause their work in order to attend the meditation sessions?
  • How frequently will sessions take place? 
  • Where will the meditation sessions take place?
  • For large organisations, how many employees can can be in a meditation session at the same time?

3) Book your session

Now it’s time to contact your meditation teacher (me) and book your session. 

4) Setting up the session

Depending on the size of the group, setting up the meditation session could take some time. 

Once you have decided a day and time for your meditation session, and booked the session with the facilitator, it’s time to send out notifications to all participants. You’ll want to give participants plenty of time to prepare. So, notify them at least a few days in advance. Then, on the day of the session, send out a reminder one hour before the session.

Naturally, if this is an online corporate meditation program, you will need a computer, webcam, and internet connection. Most of the companies I work with place one single large screen at the head of a conference table so all attendees are viewing the same screen.

5) Getting feedback and measuring ROI 

The decision makers at your company will want to see a return on investment for your workplace meditation program. And in truth, it can be a challenge to measure the ROI of a mental health program.

In the short term, you will want to use questionnaires to assess the wellness of the team before and after the meditation sessions. In the long run, you can also measure changes in sick days and turnover rates. When you participate in a workplace meditation program with THE DAILY MEDITATION, we provide you with free questionnaires to help you measure the results of the program. 

And that’s it! Incorporating a workplace meditation program is an easy and affordable way to reduce staff stress, increase productivity, and get the best results for both the company and its employees.

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