Meditation for kids before bedtime!

The Way to Meditataion

The following bedtime meditation for kids combines visualization and relaxation methods to help youngsters wind down before bed. Before attempting it, put the kids to bed, as usual, snuggle them in, and turn out the light.

Your brain can actually get larger through meditation. According to a study conducted by Harvard neuroscientists, frequent meditation for just eight weeks results in an increase in grey matter. These researchers are verifying what ages-old Eastern traditions have known, and the information is also beneficial for our children. Children who engage in meditation or mindfulness practices pay more attention, have better mental health, and have better self-control and self-awareness. They may experience greater empathy, a sense of connection and less stress, an increase in creativity, and, strangely, a quicker rate of falling asleep.

Maintaining a low, soothing voice as you lead them through the guided meditation will help. To lull your children to sleep, utilize repetition and rhythm, prolong pauses, and gradually slow down your speech. Tell them that all they need to do is listen and visualize the concepts you are discussing. It could take a few tries for them to get on board, but if you persevere and make it a regular part of your evening routine, eventually everyone will have a lot calmer time getting ready for bed.

meditation bedtime kids

Kids’ bedtime meditation:

Put your hands on your tummy while lying on your back. Ensure that you are at ease. Put your eyes closed and inhale deeply three times. Observe how your hands raise when your tummy expands during inhalation and settle back down during exhalation. If you like, you can picture yourself inhaling the sweet aroma of a magnificent flower. Each time you exhale, notice how your entire body relaxes.

I’m done now. Now that your hands are off your stomach, let your arms hang by your sides while we pretend you are sleeping on a cloud rather than your bed. A lovely, fluffy cloud that is cozy and inviting to lie on. It glides gently up into the sky, up to the stars, carrying you securely above. The cloud has a golden pink color, similar to the clouds you see in the sky at sunset.

You feel very warm and heavy throughout your entire body as you lay on this golden, shining cloud. Take note of how warm and heavy your legs and feet both feel. Your hips and tummy experience this delightful, soothing sensation as it moves up your body. Your hands, arms, and fingers are all warm and heavy. Your head, neck, and chest are all suddenly warm and heavy. Allow your entire body to become slack and limp as you sink into the cloud’s plushness. Your surroundings sparkle with its color. While floating on your cloud, you get such a sense of ease, security, and peace that you don’t want to get up.

Being able to relax your body is fantastic. Your body is now relaxed, therefore you may also relax your thoughts. To relax your thoughts is a lovely feeling. Imagine that your mental problems and thoughts are also transformed into clouds. Observe them as they ascend and depart and take in the tranquility of floating on your own unique cloud. Breathe deeply and visualize yourself taking in the golden-pink brightness of your cloud. Allow that sense of tranquility to flood you. Let it permeate your entire being, including your mind.

We’re about to do something similar to how you feel when you’re about to go to sleep. Keep your eyes closed, continue to breathe in the tranquility, and drift off to sleep on your cozy, secure cloud with the knowledge that you are both loved and safe. Goodnight.

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