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Alicia Figueroa lives in Spain and has practiced Acem Meditation for 7 years. She attended the International Deepening Retreat at Halvorsbøle, Norway, this summer. It was her second Deepening Retreat. This is what she had to say a couple of months after coming home:

What were your experiences with the Deepening Retreat?

“This was an extraordinary retreat for me. It has been essential for me because it helped me to understand some unfinished topics that I find distressing. I was lucky because important things came to the surface during my meditations. I had meditations with lots of spontaneous activity and I also felt very relaxed.”

 What have you achieved with Acem Meditation?

“It has fundamentally changed my ability to be social, which was a problem before I started. I have always been very timid but now it is not so hard for me to establish new social relationships. Meditation has helped me to see the world from another perspective and to better cope with problems, which has made me a happier person. Meditation has also given me more empathy with people in general, not only those I am closer to.”

Previously, Alicia worked with the administration of professional and artistic education, and finally for the City Council of Madrid, but she can now enjoy being retired.


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