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What Is Walking Meditation? And The Benefits It Brings

Meditation is a practice combined with practice that has become familiar today. Not only the followers of Buddhism, but meditation has become widely known around the world. There are many forms of meditation, among which the most popular is walking meditation. When it comes to meditation, most people think of the practice of sitting meditation…

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Vipassana Meditation: The Benefits It Brings

People become caught up in the pressures of job, study, and family in modern life, and they forget about their inner world. Apart from emphasizing the importance of physical health, mental health must now be prioritized and enhanced through a variety of treatment methods. Vipassana meditation is one of them. What is Vipassana Meditation? Vipassana…

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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation: What You Should Know

Mindfulness meditation is a meditation practice with amazing health benefits, recognized by both traditional and modern medicine. However, not everyone understands and understands the basic techniques of this content. In recent years, meditation has become a popular health exercise among young people, not just the previous generation. Unlike physical and sports activities, this subject requires…

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Transcendental Meditation And Its Many Benefits

      Transcendental Meditation, also known as TM for short, is a simple and effective form of meditation that has been shown to be quite effective in reducing anxiety, helping people manage stress, even lower blood pressure, and bringing other benefits. What is Transcendental Meditation? Unlike mindfulness-based meditation, which focuses on clearing your mind…

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