The Best Way To Practice Yoga Meditation

The Way to Meditataion

Meditation in yoga is one of the effective methods to help practitioners relieve stress, fatigue, and find peace of mind and soul. That’s why many people now choose and practice this useful subject. However, not everyone knows how to properly meditate and achieve high efficiency.

The benefits of yoga meditation

With the fast pace of life in modern society, people will face many difficulties that make their mind unstable, greatly affecting their physical and mental health. Therefore, many people have come to meditation as a medicine to help reduce stress, fatigue, stress brings a refreshing spirit, always cheerful and become love of life.

According to scientists, meditation is also one of the effective “remedies” to help improve sleep, increase concentration and improve memory. Not stopping there, regular meditation practice will strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of some bone and joint diseases, heart attack, stroke.

With the great benefits that meditation brings, it is extremely necessary to find a meditation method to achieve the desired effect. Here is a way to meditate that those who are preparing to practice this sport should not ignore.

The right way to meditate yoga

Meditation includes many different activities such as walking meditation, meditation, lying down meditation… However, sitting meditation is the most popular way to practice meditation. Meditation is an activity where we sit and remove all thoughts from the mind combined with the regulation of slow, even breathing. To be able to meditate effectively, you need:

  • Preparation before practice: To be able to start meditating, you first need to find yourself somewhere quiet, few people pass by so that you won’t be disturbed when practicing. Besides, you also need to choose and arrange a reasonable time to meditate. According to experts, the most appropriate time to meditate is early in the morning when you wake up or late at night before going to bed. In addition, preparing cushions, meditation mats and wearing comfortable clothes are also one of the most effective yoga meditation methods.
  • Choosing a sitting position: Currently, there are many different meditation postures, but the simplest and most popular are 3 postures: Cross-legged, semi-old posture, full lotus position. However, if you start to practice, you should choose the cross-legged posture, after a period of practice you can switch to the semi-old, more complicated position.
  • Conduct meditation: Along with performing the postures you need to control your mind, completely put all thoughts out of your head and feel the flow of the breath. You can practice sitting meditation for a few minutes or so in each session, but you have to sit to achieve peace of mind. To do this is not easy, so you need to practice seriously and persistently to feel the great benefits that yoga meditation brings.

Some notes when meditating Yoga

Yoga meditation brings great benefits to health, helps practitioners stay focused, alert, and protects heart health extremely effectively. With yoga meditation also helps you learn patience, patience, increase concentration and improve memory. The movements of meditation do not require too high skills but require the practitioner to be absolutely focused and really serious to ensure the correct and most effective meditation. When performing meditation yoga, you need to pay attention to a few points as follows:

– Maintain an absolutely straight back posture so that the body is released more energy.

– During the exercise, you must relax your body, especially the muscles in your arms, legs, and face.

– Keep the spine straight, and focus the brain.

– Choose loose, breathable clothing when meditating. Do not wear short skirts or tight clothing during exercise.

– The yoga meditation space must be quiet, not noisy, turn off the TV and phone during the practice.

Using a meditation cushion without a backrest will help you prolong your yoga meditation practice.

Yoga meditation poses for beginners

Cross-legged sitting position

  • In the prepared position, you sit cross-legged on the yoga mat, with the soles of your feet facing back.
  • Keep your back, neck straight, and face slightly up.
  • Or hands up, put on the knees.
  • Concentrate intensely and hold the pose for about 15-30 minutes, or even longer.

Semi-old sitting meditation posture

  • In the preparation position, you sit cross-legged on the yoga mat so that the left foot is below, the right foot rests on the left thigh, the right foot is facing the abdomen.
  • Relax your hands and place them on your knees.
  • Concentrate, keep your back straight, and stay in the pose for about 15-30 minutes, or even longer.

Full lotus sitting posture

  • In the prepared position, you sit cross-legged on the yoga mat, with the soles of your feet facing back.
  • Next, use your hand to lie on the left foot and place it on the right thigh. Do the same with the other child.
  • The soles of the feet are turned back, and the heels of the feet are pressed into the flare.
  • The tips of the fingers are cupped and placed on the knees of the legs.
  • Concentrate intensely and hold the pose for about 15-30 minutes, or even longer.

Japanese meditation posture

  • In the prepared position, sit with your knees bent so that your feet are behind you, and your heels touch your buttocks.
  • Keep your back straight, your hands on your thighs, and combine deep breathing, while focusing intensely.
  • Hold the pose for about 15-30 minutes, or even longer.

Burmese Yoga Meditation Pose

  • In the preparation position, you sit on the yoga mat, your legs are not folded like a cross-legged position, but cross each other so that the sole of the right foot is in the left thigh, and the left foot is in the right calf.
  • Keep the neck and back straight, hands clasped together, and placed in front of the chest.
  • Concentrate intensely and hold the pose for about 15-30 minutes, or even longer.

Meditation posture on a chair

  • In the prepared position, you use a seat cushion to support the lower back.
  • Then sit in a cross-legged position so that the feet are about 90 degrees below the knees, the mattress will be used to raise the legs.
  • Keep your back straight, hands clasped in front of your chest, combined with deep breathing.
  • Hold the pose for as long as possible and do it regularly in the afternoon or evening in a quiet space.


According to many studies and ancient documents left by Zen masters, practicing Yoga meditation in the morning will bring the best effect. Because at this time, our souls are full of energy, joyful, not entangled, and not under pressure around work and life. In addition, practicing Yoga meditation before going to bed will help us calm down after a tiring and stressful working day so that the body will be relaxed and comfortable to sleep better.

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