The Pleasant Parallels of TM and Day-To-Day Life

The Way to Meditataion

Before beginning meditation, Bob Roth said something that completely changed not just my TM practice but also my outlook on life.

Just before the meditation began, Bob said the following on one of his group meditation calls, which I heartily recommend:

Don’t go into the meditation expecting anything to happen.

Hm. That struck me and immediately left an impression. The ego did not like the concept of meditation without having any expectations. That’s how I knew it was a wise decision.

That meditation in particular was a remarkable one, much to my ego’s dismay. I traveled everywhere effortlessly. Once more, to the ego, this made absolutely no sense, yet on a deeper level, it made perfect sense.

I’ve been practicing TM for four years now, and I can tell that there are similarities between how to meditate and how to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life. I’m not sure if I have a word for it, but perhaps two:

The same.

I’ve learned that I only have control over two things:

1. Intention
2. Action

I can’t influence the outcomes, as much as I’d like to. The parameters I specify can lead to the outcomes I desire. Although I can plan a consequence, a much more powerful force is ultimately responsible for it coming to pass. The advantage (and beauty) of maintaining a continuous TM practice is that I get to be reminded at least twice daily to create the right environment for meditation to occur before diving in and letting go of the outcome. This routine is helpful in every sphere of my life and career. When I can: I feel a tremendous sense of relaxation and release.

1. Intend on an outcome.
2. Act in that direction and/or set the conditions for it to happen.
3. Release the result.

TM practice

Not always an easy task. especially when it comes to objectives or relationships that are close to my heart. Nevertheless, it seems like more positive things happen the more I let go.

What is one objective you keep trying to reach but just can’t seem to do? Are you/have you really put in all of your effort and resources to make it happen? If so, it might be time to let the Universe take its course and release that outcome.

Michael Cinquino is multifaceted. He is a Navy Veteran, a photographer living in New York, actor, filmmaker, and leadership & life coach. You can follow him and his work here, or connect with your local TM teacher here.

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