What are the benefits of Buddhist meditation?

The Way to Meditataion

Meditation helps our mind to be less detached, confused, and daydreaming, but only focused on something or nothing at all. Buddhist meditation is to be completely awake and see things as they really are. When we sit in concentration, everything that happens around us, we are aware and conscious in a true and undistorted way.

The concept of Buddhist meditation

Meditation in Buddhism must first seek the ultimate enlightenment realized by the Buddha himself under the Bodhi tree. If the Buddha’s enlightenment has no meaning and value to the teachings, then meditation has nothing to do with Buddhism and it is just a heresy initiated by Bodhidharma when he went to China at the beginning of the sixth century.

On the basis of analyzing some conceptions of meditation, it can be affirmed that meditation plays an important role in human life: developing abstract thinking, increasing people’s ability to focus attention, training, protecting people’s health both physically and mentally…

The value of Buddhist meditation for health

About thought: Meditation helps people realize the cause of suffering, from which there is a method to eliminate suffering. According to Buddhism, human suffering does not originate from material life, but from desire, leading to ignorance leading to greed, hatred, and delusion.

Meditation helps people to let go of what is related to the outside world and focus on the inner feeling of being. Humans are no longer dependent on external gain and loss, determine their own meaning, and maintain purity and tranquility, in the calm experience of life.

Through Meditation, the strength of the soul is fostered, and people keep peace in their hearts. Meditation also helps people know how to explore and promote the available energies within and develop them in a positive direction. When people really understand energy and self, people will be more discerning and know how to control perception, intelligence and inspiration through different levels to achieve the desired effect. Research results show that practicing meditation techniques develops independence of thought. This independence correlates with the ability to acquire knowledge, improve memory, and increase creative thinking. When people calm down and relax, people will no longer be influenced by external circumstances. The ability to perceive clearly and the ability to focus only comes from a state of stillness. Thus, Meditation increases stillness.

The Value of Meditation for Health

According to Buddhism, there are three basic things that make people feel insecure and miserable, namely greed, hatred, and delusion. These three are seen as the root of mental illness. Mental illness can affect physical health and more broadly affect the lives of others and society when it manifests itself through actions. If the purpose of meditation is to train the mind, control emotions, relax completely, adjust the flow of consciousness and focus thoughts… then the method of meditation brings true values to human health. . When mastering the inner self and highly focusing the line of thought on one thing, people will not waste energy on scattered things and still achieve results.

In modern society, the strong development of science and technology has affected all aspects of human life. It can be said that mankind has never achieved great achievements like today, but also has never been as vulnerable as today: wars, terrorism, environmental pollution, epidemics, Social evils… Along with the intense labor intensity, the pressure of fierce competition creates stress, which in turn leads to dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and rapid aging. … To treat these diseases, Western medicine is not a sustainable solution. In that context, Zen has a great effect on the treatment of diseases of the body and mind. Many studies on meditation confirm this.

Practicing Meditation reduces the body’s respiratory rate because you consume less oxygen. The aging process, depending on the rate at which you consume oxygen, meditation helps you stay younger longer by regulating the breathing process. Meditation also lowers the heart rate and improves blood circulation. Studies on this topic have proven that regular meditation has effects on the left cerebral cortex that bring about positive feelings such as calm, happiness, serenity and peace. Meditation is a great stress reliever. It also helps many people find solutions to problems like depression. Meditation helps you sleep better and more peaceful. Studies have proven that meditation helps to improve the body’s immune system. Improve immunity to common illnesses caused by mild infections and illnesses such as colds, flu, neck pain, etc.


Coming to Buddhism, meditation becomes the desire to conquer the inner self to master oneself in the endless dance of body-mind harmony. In modern society, meditation contributes to reducing psychological pressure, balancing body and mind, bringing peace and freedom, increasing concentration, creativity, and optimism in life. Meditation also contributes to the treatment of dangerous diseases caused by the pressures of modern life. With those great values, meditation has become a unique global cultural value.

Guided Meditation

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