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We are just days away from opening enrollment for the 2022 class of Moving into Mastery, and can already tell this is gonna be the best year yet.

But we’re still hearing from people, “What IS Mastery?”

If this is you, we can help.

Emily made a video that answers that very question. Not only does she dive into what to expect from the training and course material, but also WHY you’d want to enroll — especially right now.

Watch it below:

The cart is officially open for everyone July 11-19… But spots are limited and we can only take 500 people into this year’s class.

That’s why we’ve been offering a waitlist for people who know this is the right move for them and want to get early access starting July 7 — and a mega gift.

(Keep in mind, there are nearly 2,000 people on the waitlist already so if you’re even considering Mastery this year and haven’t signed up already, get on the list of VIPs here.)

Mastery is available to folks who have a Ziva practice so if you haven’t yet taken zivaONLINE, go ahead and enroll now. Then once Mastery is available, you’ll be able to join the incoming class.

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