Why Am I Not Good Enough? 17 The Best Reasons Why You Are Good Enough

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You have a moment of defeat and you scream to yourself, “Why am I not good enough?” You might have experienced heartbreak, failed a test, or been turned down for something you truly wanted. When all the indications seem to be against you, it can be quite simple to doubt whether you are competent. It’s crucial to keep in mind that, despite how it may seem right now, you are an integral part of this planet. You fill a role that nobody else can. Every life event, both happy and unhappy, changes the entire universe. Although it would be wonderful to see sunshine and rainbows every day, it is the rain and storms that mold us into the people we are meant to be. Therefore, let’s change the topic from 17 reasons why I’m not good enough to reasons why you are.

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Why Am I Not Good Enough?

We may ask ourselves, “Why am I not good enough?” due to a number of different reasons. Let’s first discuss that.

1. Our Thoughts

Our thinking is the main factor behind the question “Why am I not good enough?” Our imaginations are incredibly cruel. How dare they make us feel so inadequate that we begin to doubt our own worth. Optimistic and pessimistic thinking are the two main thought patterns. Sometimes, both types of people may wonder, “Why am I not good enough?” The truth is that this way of thinking is more frequently linked to pessimism. Depression, which is regarded as a thought illness, can be brought on by pessimism. The issue is that many people don’t challenge a pessimistic thought with one that is more grounded in reality. Instead, they exaggerate, consider, and consider the worst-case scenario the negative concept. When this happens, a person may experience a sense of their life disintegrating. Catastrophizing is the practice of considering the worst-case situation. You must challenge your thoughts as they emerge if you want to cease doubting yourself. Consider a few additional pieces of proof that will convince you that you are competent.

2. Rejection

There are several ways to be rejected. A school you applied to, a date, or joining a team could all reject you. Yes, rejection is unpleasant. But there are so many other factors that can lead to rejection. Therefore, instead of asking yourself why you are not good enough, think about all the reasons why the rejection had to occur. It’s possible that the school you applied to had a limit on the number of applicants they could accept, or that there was a prerequisite course you didn’t take that was essential to your acceptance. Perhaps the person who turned you down noticed that you two weren’t compatible but still felt you were a cool person and wanted to spare you from long-term heartache. Perhaps the team for which you applied was looking for a skill you weren’t yet proficient in. They might have provided you with advice so you can join the team the following year if you had asked for their opinion.

3. Hurtful Words

Another factor that makes us wonder “why am I not good enough” is when we hear nasty remarks from others. Sometimes parents make mistakes in their speech. They are after all human. And rather than assisting you in improving, teachers will occasionally tell you that you simply aren’t good at math. Sometimes the people we interact with, work with, or learn from say the incorrect thing. And that false idea keeps repeating itself in our minds all day long, especially if we are gloomy. It does not necessarily follow that it is true. And you don’t have to internalize and believe something just because someone says it. Why don’t you ever take someone’s kind words about you seriously? A-ha. I saw that.

17 Reasons Why You Are Good Enough

1. You Decide How Good You Are

good reason yourself

If you frequently ask yourself, “Why am I not good enough?” It’s crucial to keep in mind that only you can determine how good you can be. What you’re good at, how good you want to be, and what characteristics of yourself you want to change about yourself are all completely within your control. You don’t have to change if there is anything about who you are that you love. Simply look for someone who appreciates those qualities about you. If you failed a test and are now feeling guilty or sad, you can improve your performance the next time by changing your study habits. Stop flooding your thoughts with uncertainty. Otherwise, the belief that “I’m not good enough” will always come true. But if you can even show that you are lacking something, you can choose to decide to become good enough now, right now.

2. You’re Rare

How could you ever question your own worth? When you are alive and here, it is one of the rarest things that has ever occurred. Humans weren’t even there in this world at one point. Nevertheless, the cosmos worked together to make sure that everything you are survived despite all the miscarriages, widespread illnesses, wars, and asteroids that could’ve killed your forefathers. You’re a wonder. Although you did, there are billions of individuals who didn’t. You possess a rare combination of some of the most powerful genes, a number of peculiar characteristics, and the most incredible opportunity to be alive. You wouldn’t have persevered through all of the global tragedies if there hadn’t been a reason or a need for you to. So instead of self-questioning, think about how to enjoy every moment while you still have it. You are unique already, so you don’t need to know how to recreate yourself.

3. Your Self-Worth Is Higher Than You Realize

Stop ruminating on why you’re not good enough and acknowledge your high self-worth. Your worth is not determined by your ex. Your self-worth is independent of your terrible boss. Nobody else has the authority to assess your worth. Your value as a person is established just by virtue of your existence in the modern world. Whether you prefer to admit it or not, you have spent a significant portion of your life contributing to the lives of others. Despite the fact that you frequently criticize yourself, you have actually done a lot of good for other people. You have contributed significantly to both the worlds of yesterday and now. And you’ll keep making a difference in the future. You’re worth everything, therefore stop thinking negative ideas like “why am I not good enough.”

4. You Are Good Enough: When You’re Outside Your Head

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You are competent. Don’t listen to the inner voices that try to convince you otherwise. They’re noisy, I know. You probably can’t even concentrate right now since they are yelling at you. You are not your thoughts, though. Your thoughts are independent entities. So, personifying them would be a good idea. Consider the most hateful individual in history. Got it? Say “Stop that Devil” whenever a thought threatens you or causes you to spiral out of control, replacing “devil” with the name of the offender. You come to the realization that you are sufficient regardless of what your ideas or anyone else around you say by reminding yourself that your thoughts have a mind of their own and that you are your own person. Live in the real world rather than the one inside your head. It’s a quick and simple technique to boost your self-esteem.

5. You Are Good Enough: Until You Stop Growing

You are only no longer good enough when you stop improving. I’m sorry to break it to all of the older folks, but you’re still developing. nice effort Being a human is amazing because it allows you to learn, which includes from your mistakes. You can devote a lifetime to perfecting yourself so that the true you can emerge. We may experience anxiety when expressing our true selves. You are not to blame. If you’re asking yourself, “Why am I not good enough?,” you’re probably really afraid that if you showed people who you really are, they’ll judge you. Rejection is terrifying. But development is a necessary component of being human. In order to participate in life’s journey, you must gradually peel away your layers, even if some of them are damaged. To continue evolving and becoming the person you were meant to be, the world needs the real you.

6. You Have So Many Positive Traits

When you’re struggling with the question, “Why am I not good enough?” think about speaking with a trained mental health expert. It’s painfully evident that you are capable, so you might need some knowledgeable professional advice. Given all the good qualities you possess, you should have a high sense of self-worth. You’re so preoccupied with all the insignificant flaws in you that, let’s face it, you already know what you’re working on. You are beginning to overlook all of your positive traits as a result of the toxic relationships you have had in the past. You are not a grown-up child. You’re a responsible adult with a great deal going for you. Stop looking to other people for approval since your worth comes from within, not from outside.

7. Look How Far You’ve Come

Have you ever given your life a moment to reflect on your progress? You literally developed into a self-sufficient adult from a helpless infant who needed to be fed, cared for, dressed, and changed by others. You are not dependent on anyone. You have all you need to look after your bodily and emotional well-being. The internet is a wealth of knowledge if you need assistance filling in any particular gaps. Years of your life have been devoted to developing new abilities, making new friends, and testing previously uncharted territory. The absurd part is that it hasn’t even come close to ending yet. You’re going to continue accomplishing wonderful things. You’ve done well enough to get here, and you’ll do even better to accomplish your remaining goals.

8. Your Positive Thoughts Are True

You can change your negative thoughts into happy ones with the aid of a professional. The voice within you matters. Consider focusing on all the ways you are more than adequate rather than asking yourself, “Why am I not good enough?” Make a big deal out of it after that. We rarely exaggerate ourselves. Yes, you may increase your income. You are a cool person, of course. Yes, you are loved by all of your family and friends. You’ll undoubtedly reflect on former relationships and realize why the one you’re in now is significantly superior when that time comes. Yes, the pain will eventually stop bothering you. You’ll quit asking yourself why you’re not good enough faster the more you replace negative self-talk with constructive thoughts.

9. You Might Be On A Different Path

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Sometimes we lose sight of the big picture when we start asking ourselves, “Why am I not good enough?” Your narrative is still developing. Future events are still uncertain. Yes, that can be frightening if you give it any thought, so don’t. Be present-minded. However, we advance toward our fate with each rejection, failure, setback, and wrong turn. We have the option of viewing it as a half-full or half-empty chance. You wouldn’t believe how many individuals harmed and rejected me when I was younger. There was a boatload of people. However, the tale did not finish there. I eventually found love, we were happy, and I got married. In retrospect, you start to realize that everything turned out for the best. Yes, even some of the most terrible situations from which you believed you would never recover. You’ll ultimately bounce back from it. If challenges arise, leap over them or choose an alternative route. You can’t predict where life will take you.

10. All you have to do is take some time to love yourself unconditionally.

Stop evaluating yourself in relation to others if you truly love someone. It entails ceasing to consider all the things that could go wrong. When you love yourself and stop criticizing yourself so much, you’ll feel good about yourself. Consider doing things for yourself in the future out of love. Do good deeds for both you and others. By getting aid right away when things go wrong, you may bring light and positive energy into your life. Create a network of friends and family to lean on, and explore all of your emotions. Always keep in mind that negative thoughts are simply that—thoughts. You don’t have to believe everything you think, particularly negative thoughts. Love for oneself will help you be your best self.

11. You Have Skills No One Else Has

Every individual in this world has a vital job to play. We all make distinct contributions to the planet. You have a wide range of abilities that someone else needs. Maybe you’re a gifted artist who creates items that people display in their homes to add color. Or perhaps you have a terrific ear, and you support others by listening to them. You can be an expert at finding solutions to problems and always present the best one. There are a ton of things you do better than anyone else, even if there are a few things you’re not the best at. Don’t be hesitant to pursue your passions, even if they appear a little out of the ordinary.

12. You’re on the Right Track

Quit constantly questioning your actions. Because something didn’t go as planned, you don’t have to go backward in life. Advance along the new route. Set limitations that prevent you from turning back. Additionally, avoid toxic individuals. You must rediscover your self-confidence. However, it’s crucial to understand that everything is going according to plan. Yes, including those painful breakups, the job you lost, or the excruciating pain you’re going through right now. Chaos can be beneficial to you, but not in the way you might anticipate. Bad things don’t deserve you. The chaos you’re experiencing now will only make it easier for you to comprehend why some things didn’t turn out as you had hoped. The only way to feel good in the future is to have firsthand knowledge of how awful horrible things are. You will come closer to the things you want out of life through your upcoming relationships, your upcoming reality, and your upcoming job. However, you must develop the ability to refuse inappropriate requests.

13. Some People Depend On You

The entire globe is linked together. We all depend on one another in some way. For food, people depend on farmers. Others look to their families for love. We seek the assistance of friends when we are in need. And if you’ve been around long enough to face self-doubt, you’ve probably previously experienced times when you supported, loved, and assisted others. You might have even assisted a pal who was feeling lonely. You are capable of giving, supporting, and listening. There will be times in your life when people will need you more than ever. Be present during those times. In difficult times, you may be requested to lend a helping hand. Please do so with all of your strength. You play a crucial role in the world. A billion events would be altered if you weren’t present. How many insignificant events do you influence?

14. Don’t Confuse Other’s Red Flags As Your Own

We frequently mistake other people’s mistakes for our own when we don’t feel good about ourselves. For instance, if one of your coworkers is having a difficult day and vents on you. You don’t deserve to be here, she declares. You seem to be not very competent at your work. I have no idea how you came to work for this organization. It’s as if you spend the entire day gossiping and talking about nothing else but that. A dispute like this frequently results in someone else being informed they are not good enough despite their best efforts. They lash out at you because the hurt of making you feel inadequate is so great for them. Don’t let your pain become their pain. They should deal with it; it’s not your problem.

15. You’re Trying Your Best

good reason yourself

Always keep in mind that you’re doing your best, even on the days when you can’t seem to get the thought, “Why am I not good enough?” out of your head. Our entire lives are spent learning. And while some lessons are discovered somewhat later, they are nonetheless discovered. It’s crucial to remember that the whole picture is impossible to obtain. Only parts of situations are visible to us. We typically only witness events that directly affect us. We miss the reasons why someone chose a certain route. We don’t know what led someone to choose a particular course of action. There is constant information that we are missing. You can’t always tell what someone’s intentions are. You are competent. And you’re using the information you have as effectively as you can. Don’t overlook it.

16. You Didn’t Give Up

You’ll encounter some curveballs in life. You’re going to take a gut punch. Sometimes you’ll be thrown to the ground. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that after every knockout, you get back up and attempt again. You might make mistakes, falter, and face rejection. However, you are aware that even if you aren’t adequate today, you will undoubtedly be adequate tomorrow. You approach each day head-on and do your best to succeed. You are aware that, despite your ongoing doubts about your abilities, quitting up is not in your nature. A problem can always be resolved. Even though you’re not exactly sure what to do next, you know you’re intelligent enough to figure it out.

17. Don’t Let People Treat You Like You’re Not Good

When we are among those who denigrate us or make us feel inferior, the question “Why am I not good enough?” often comes to mind. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you’ll feel like you’re good enough in the presence of people who encourage you, think highly of you, and sincerely want you to succeed. Even if you don’t hear it often, you are enough regardless of what other people think. You are so deserving of happiness and love in your life. You might simply be interacting with the wrong people at times. And you hold on to those folks even when you ought to let them go because you lack confidence or feel uneasy. Therefore, avoid spending time with those who make you feel inadequate since they are not the ideal fit for you.


It’s time to completely banish the question “why am I not good enough?” from your mind. It’s time to acknowledge your own worth. It’s fantastic if you need to work hard to get better. Being unsatisfactory is only a passing circumstance. You have complete authority to alter it. You’re going to study more diligently and creatively if you want to ace that upcoming exam. You’re reluctant to ask your crush out for fear of being turned down, but keep in mind that every turndown and unsuccessful relationship teaches you more about what makes a great connection. Say out, “I am good enough,” right now. Yes, you are competent. May you always keep it in mind and begin loving yourself right now.

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