Why The World Needs Your Joy

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As a human on planet Earth, you’re likely feeling the intensity of the world right now. There are infinite tragedies that you could be placing your attention on.

But here’s a fact… none of the solutions to the problems require your suffering.

It might require honesty, or bravery, or your fortitude and resilience — but not your suffering.

So what if instead, you choose to create joy? What if you think of joy as a renewable resource — one that can help you stay empowered so you can reach your big dreams?

Because when you cultivate joy — either by exercising, wrestling with your kids, watercoloring, dancing, having sex, making music — it becomes fuel. Yes for you, but also for everyone you encounter.

Want to understand this better? Emily made a whole video about this for you. And at 4:45, she goes into exactly how you can consciously create joy in a time of so much suffering. You can watch it here.

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